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About Us

Family Owned and Operated

Rockin J was started in 1981 by JR Gilreath, Rocky and Keeta Gilreath. After retiring from American Airlines, JR started training horses. Since both he and son Rocky liked horses and both saw a need for top-quality, well-made metal horse stalls and custom equine products, they decided to start Rockin J Horse Stalls.

JR retired from the business in 1999.  Rocky has over the years been joined by his three sons and daughter: Billy, Michelle, Bobby and Michael. Billy oversees all operations. Michelle works in office as the manager. Bobby is in sales. Michael works in shop and does some drafting as well. Nine grandchildren are waiting to take their positions at Rockin J Equine, so the plan is to continue to provide a top-quality product made by a family who cares.

Rocky, and his family, continue to have a passion for horses. They breed and race Thoroughbreds across the nation and overseas.