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Stall Fronts

Rockin J Horse Stall Fronts can be a compliment to any barn design. They are designed to be completely customized for your barn. Each and every horse stall front we make is built for safety and usability as well as beauty and longevity.

Horse Stall Fronts Options and Ideas

  • Choose between horizontal, vertical or JR Elite (mixed) styles of wood for the front.
  • Choose the combination of wood, grill and wire mesh that best suits your needs and design for your door.
  • Choose grill or wire mesh to add ventilation. Full grill and full wire mesh fronts are also options.
  • Choose a door opening or drop panel if you'd like. We offer yoke openings or a yoke or straight drop. Yoke openings are available in half yoke or full yoke styles.
  • Choose between sliding or hinged horse stall doors. Horse barn doors can be located anywhere on the horse stall front.
  • Horse stall fronts can be created in any size needed.
  • Barn stall door tracks and guides are welded on — no bolts or screws. All doors feature escape proof latch and a second latch for added security.
  • Self cleaning bottom door guide stays free of bedding and locks in place on both sides.
  • Guides are constructed for safety — minimal 3/4" protrusion so your horse won't step on it and get hurt.
  • Multiple feeder and waterer options are available including 360 feeder with bolt-on hay rack and feed pan; swing corner feeder with welded hay rack and feed pan; hinged feed doors, hinged water doors; and/or a feed hole.
  • Available with hinged blanket bars and/or name plates.

Standard on Every Rockin J Horse Stall:

  • All welded construction on door tracks and guides on both top and bottom. No bolts to come loose or need replacing.
  • Standard 12 guage steel formed channel.
  • Grease fittings on all hinged components.
  • Pre-galvanized with an unlimited choice of powder coat colors.
  • All top grill work is 1" diameter, 3" center to center providing a 2" gap; any grill work below 4 foot is a 2.5" center to center providing for a 1.5" gap
  • Wire mesh is a woven wire mesh quarter inch steel with 1.5" square openings.
  • Tops of boards are covered in metal to discourage cribbing.
Horse stalls and horse stall fronts are our specialties.  Let us design and build your custom horse stalls.

Available Options

Horse Stalls For Sale / Horse Stall For Sale
Horizontal Wood Style Front

Metal Horse Stalls / Metal Horse Stall
Vertical Wood Front

Barn Stall Doors / Barn Stall Door
JR Elite Front

Horse Barns And Stalls / Horse Barn And Stall
Sliding Door European

Horse Stall Doors / Horse Stall Door
Low Front Hinged European

Horse Barn Doors / Horse Barn Door
High Front Hinged European