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In striving to maintain the highest quality standards in the horse stall industry, we here at Rockin J are always looking for new ways to better our product. Recently we have made a big upgrade to our facility. We have added a bead blasting station, to allow us to do a proper preparation[bead blasting] for the powder coat paint to achieve maximum adhesion to the steel, or aluminum. Most Horse Stall companies skip this very important step all together, we used to be one of these companies, as we did not realize the importance of this step. But after hearing feedback from many experts in the powder-coating industry, we discovered that the long term durability, and overall adhesion of the powder coat paint, is substantially better when bead-blasting is added into the paint preparation process.

When steel or aluminum is bead-blasted it produces a much better surface for the powder coat to adhere to, due to the textured profile it leaves behind, the surface area that is being painted significantly increases. This process increases the life of the powder-coat paint ten-fold, especially when a horse is prone to cribbing on their stall. In the days before we added this step to our process, cribbing was a significant problem, due to the powder-coat chipping off in these cribbing areas. 

You can count on Rockin J to stay on top of all of the newest and best products and procedures for your custom horse stalls for sale. We research and ask experts about the latest and greatest to assure our customers receive the only the best from our company.

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