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Blog | New paint prep procedure!

 Here at RNJ, we strive every day to continue improving our product line. It is of the highest importance to us that we never become complacent with our current procedures and manufacturing processes. Therefore, we always do our best to learn about, and implement, any new processes or materials etc. that will allow us to improve our products, and continue providing the best custom made horse stalls for sale to our customers. 

 With over 35 years of experience in the horse stall business,  we can't help but notice one recurring issue that almost every stall owner (who has painted stalls) seems to encounter at some point during the life of their barn.  Poor Paint adhesion is, and always has been, a problem in the horse stall world, especially when you have horses that are more prone to "cribbing"  or chewing on the stall. So paint, and more specifically, powder coat paint, is notorious for chipping or flaking off, over time when it is subjected to this kind of wear. 

 With all of this being said, we are happy to announce a new step that we have implemented into our paint preparation process to counteract this issue.

 We have begun to "bead blast", all of our galvanized steel and aluminum, prior to applying the powder coat, in order to "etch" the material, and create a much better profile for the paint to adhere to. After testing the durability of the paint adhesion, both with and without the blasting preparation, the difference is obvious.  Even after scraping the paint with a knife or hitting the material with hammer, the paint stays on!  

You can Trust Rockin J to continue our research for providing you with the very best custom horse stalls for sale in the U.S. and the World. 

 We are happy to provide samples for our customers to do their own field testing on, upon request.  

Click the link below for more information about paint preparation and bead/media blasting:

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