Dutch Doors & Windows

Dutch Doors and Windows add versatility and comfort to your barn that can benefit both you and your horses.

Dutch Doors & Window Options

  • Dutch Doors come standard with an all welded frame.
  • Add an optional wire mesh (or grill) breeze door. You can add a yoke opening (half or full) to the breeze door.
  • Add cross buck trim for traditional look.
  • Choose from wood bottom and top,16 gauge steel sheet or divided light window on top.

Standard on Rockin J Horse Stalls:

  • All welded construction on all door tracks and guides on both top and bottom. No bolts to come loose or need replacing.
  • Standard 12 gauge steel formed channel.
  • Grease fittings on all hinged components.
  • Choice of either Galvanized steel, or Heavy gauge [1/8"wall thickness minimum] aluminum with an unlimited choice of powder coat colors.
  • All top grill work is 1" diameter, 3" center to center providing a 2" gap; any grill work below 4 foot is a 2.5" center to center providing for a 1.5" gap
  • Wire mesh is a woven, double lock crimp mesh made from quarter inch steel with 1.5" square openings.
  • Tops of boards are covered in channel to discourage cribbing.

Rockin J Equine Stalls provides security to your valuable asset.

Learn how we can help.

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